Ancient Indian Marrapachi Dolls

Ancient Indian Marrapachi Dolls
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Marapachi literally means ‘Wooden dolls’. Marraachi Dolls were mainly used in ancient times as teethers for babies in India.

Marapachi dolls are found in pairs: male and female. These dolls are an integral part of every Golu: a cultural festival celebrated in southern India during the Dasara festival where homes are decorated with dolls. The display of dolls is a representation of the different roles we lay in life. Marrapachi Dolls are believed to represent the Hindu God, Lord Vishnu and Consort. The dolls are known for their intricate carvings and sometimes they are dressed up in grand clothes. Marrapachi dolls are usually handed down from generations and they are considered a family treasure. Marrapachi Dolls are traditionally gifted to newly weds as a lucky charm for their homes. 
Marraachi Dolls were mainly used in ancient times as teethers for babies. Since these dolls are made from a medicinal wood the babies develop certain natural immunity when they chew or lick on them. These dolls have a smooth finish and natural shine. No artificial paint or varnish is used. As the wood ages it turns darker in shade which is almost a black colour. 

Marrapachi dolls are a symbol of Indian Culture and tradition. These dolls often remind us of ancient Indian Civilizations and it adds an earthy look to your home and office Decor. 
Marrapachi dolls are available in various sizes starting from 6 inches to 20 inches

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